Can't Get Your Car to the Shop?

Can't Get Your Car to the Shop?

Use a towing service in Shreveport, LA

If your car has extensive damage, you might not be able to drive it to a repair shop. You can trust a towing service like Tim's Paint & Collision, Inc. based in Shreveport, LA to bring your car to the shop for affordable rates.

Wherever you are, we can come pick up your vehicle. Don't believe us? Our longest trip on record was an over 700-mile round trip from Shreveport to New Orleans. There's no distance we won't go to for our customers. Contact us today to let our towing company pick up your car.

3 reasons to use our towing services

Why have another company tow your car when we'll bring it directly to our shop? You'll want to use our towing services when you hear that...

  1. We'll work with your insurance company at every step.
  2. We'll pick up your car at any location from any distance
  3. We'll give you a free quote so there are no unexpected fees for service

You shouldn't neglect auto repairs because you can't get your car into the shop. Let us come to you. Call 318-929-9383 now for a towing company that can come to wherever you are.